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Reasons to Work with INITIAL


The Approach

Our human-centered approach begins with a focus on the user experience – it’s a unique starting point, and makes for a very different process.


The People

We are a small team of experts from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. This variety brings depth to our work and our workday encounters, and stimulates our solutions.


The Network

After so many years in the industry, we’ve built powerful relationships with some of the most respected minds in the real estate world. When a project can benefit from someone’s particular expertise, we reach out to bring top talents on board.


The Results

Based on sound business strategy, every solution proposed by INITIAL is results-driven. We derive deep satisfaction in seeing those results come to fruition for our clients.


The Variety

With partners and clients all over the world, our work is forever changing which presents new challenges and opportunities for us, but most importantly allow our partners and clients to share world class expertise.


The Places

Mountains and beaches, cities large and small, hot and cold destinations – we travel to the all parts of the world. We celebrate the culture and rural or urban landscapes we experience there, helping shape timeless places for others to enjoy.


The Attitude

We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re driven by getting results for our partners rather than by making ourselves look clever, making us open to flexible team organizations, but with a structured and disciplined approach. We collaborate with humor, and we help one another shoulder the load when the going gets tough. In short, we are truly a team.


The Growth

Founded in 2008, INITIAL is a growing company. Our network, and team have offered us growth opportunities over the years, and ever growing presence in many markets. Our latest growth spurt being a European office!


The Leaders

INITIAL’S founding partners are thought leaders in the field, and a tremendous inspiration. Always sharing of their knowledge, teaming up with INITIAL means you will learn something new, guaranteed!


The Cities

INITIAL Stratégie et développement sàrl serves its European clients out of Geneva, Switzerland. Known both as the “smallest of big cities” and the “city of peace”, Geneva is home to the European headquarters of UN, and a city focused on the international economy, always at the top of World Quality of Living rankings.

North American operations, through INITIAL are based in Canada, and calls Montreal, the country’s cultural capital, “home.” A city of festivals and fine dining, it’s over-flowing with French-Canadian “joie de vivre.” The quality of life here is bar none.

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